Your Outdoor License Center

At Arlington Hardware you will find all your hunting, fishing and wildlife licenses (click to see fee schedules) including the Discover Pass.  For more information regarding rules and regulations simply click the booklets below. These make take a few moments to load.

Arlington Hardware Key Cutting

Key Cutting, While You Shop
Regardless of the key type, Ace is your key cutting place. Let Ace cut your key while you wait or while you finish your shopping.

Transponder Keys
Does your car require a transponder key? Have you ever had to replace one of those keys? Your dealer may be able to handle the job, but you will pay dearly. Ace is proud to be able to cut the key and program it on the spot.

We have Your Battery Replacement!

Arlington Hardware is now your battery place. From traditional batteries to the specialty batteries needed to survive in today’s world,

Ace proudly offers a wide selection that can power all kinds devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, cameras, camcorders, laptop computers, power sports (like jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc.) exit sign lights, alarm systems, UPS systems, back up lighting systems and more! Just another way we work to make Ace YOUR place.

Blade Sharpening Services

Arlington Hardware Sharpens Blades
From knives to lawn mowers, Ace is the place for blade sharpening. Simply bring your blade to our store and we will give you your edge back.

Computerized Paint-Color Matching

Match Any Color

Tired of guessing what color you think might possibly, hopefully be right? Let Ace eliminate the guesswork. Simply bring in any item with any color and we will match it creating the perfect colored paint.

Re-Key Your Locks at Arlington Hardware

If you have a lock that needs to be re-keyed, bring it to Arlington Hardware. Whether you have a difficult deadbolt, a problematic doorknob or you just want to combine locks into a common key, Arlington Hardware is your lock service place.