Arlington Hardware and Lumber, Inc. was established in 1903, the same year Arlington became a “city”. The Gray family opened the store with a goal of trying to provide nearly everything needed by the farming and logging families coming to the area to put down their roots. From mattresses to cook stoves with tools, barbed wire and hunting supplies thrown in for good measure, the store became a success. In fact it was said many times that if you could not find “it” at Arlington Hardware you probably didn’t really need it anywhere. Several generations of the Gray family operated the business until early 1983 when the Jones family came on the scene. Taylor, a second generation member of the Jones family, is the current managing partner. Like all the members of the Gray and Jones families before him he is dedicated to great service, fair prices and a fine selection. When asked about the store’s frequent expansion, Taylor just chuckles, scratches his head and remarks, “Folks just keep asking us to carry new things so we have to add a bit more space”. With the help of knowledgeable, friendly employees he expects customer to have a great shopping experience when they come to the store. To every employee it’s not just another sales transaction. Come on in and see for yourself. We are sure you will agree that: “THERE IS NO STORE LIKE IT.”